Elwood Decker Elwood Decker: A Path to God

Elwood Decker (1903-1992), American painter, filmmaker,
author, composer, ecologist, Dunite, and devotee of Eastern
thought, lived and worked in California's San Luis Obispo
County for much of his long life. His work, though little
known, represents a rich vein of thought and expression.
The Dune Spirit Foundation, dedicated to preserving the
literary and artistic history of San Luis Obispo County,
has chosen Elwood Decker as its inaugural project. Initially,
we will present a selection of Decker's works in several
media, along with photos and key facts of his life. As
time goes on, we will expand the project to include a
substantial representation of Decker's work. Elwood Decker
said that the goal of his art was to make a path to God.
We invite you to explore the life and work of a truly
original and inspiring figure.

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Listen to "Elwood Decker" by The Bobs.

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