Elwood Decker Elwood Decker: A Path to God

Two Notes

Elwood used to write his thoughts on a piece of paper, then fold it up and carry it around in his pocket. He'd just leave it there until it got so worn and tattered it would no longer hold together, then he would take it out and leave it on his sink or table, or let it just fall on the floor. Here are two notes I managed to save. -- NRH * * *

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Elwood 1989
Sense bondage doesn't need
an earthquake to kill us.
To believe in sense bondage, to
act & think like it is true, is dying.
The way out is faith in our
Immortality. This is an inner event,
not an outer illusion. At the very
beginning we feel Blissful Safety, & as
we progress in firmness of faith__
bondage lessens & loosens till it is
gone without a trace. We abide in
Blissful Divinity completely Free

Though I am identified with
a name I believe I am more
accurately identified with my
consciousness which seems to
be limited to various changing
conditions describable to a
limited extent by many words
with several names included.
Nevertheless my happiest, and I
believe, my Truest moments are
when my consciousness is Bliss-
fully free from words, or any limiting
transitory condition whatsoever.
I simply & Blissfully know I am
Life Itself and I'll never die

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